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Use of ' too '

Use of ' too '
* Suresh is too fat to run. [ Remove too ]   Ans - Suresh is so fat that he can't run.
* too - to काढून so that --- not वापरावे.
* to काढून so चा वापर करतात.
* to काढून that त्यानंतर सुरवातीस वापरलेला कर्ता पुरुषवाचक सार्वनामाच्या रुपात त्यानंतर वर्तमानकाळात असल्यास can't आणि could भूतकाळी घ्यावे.
* He was too old play with such toys.  [ans - He was so old to play with such toys.]

Use of 'enough'  
* The weather is so pleasant that we can out. - ans - The weather is pleasunt enough to go out.
* So that we can काढून विशेषना नंतर enough to चा वापर करावा.
* enough - adjective/advarb/enough/ to+ infinitive.
* The school bag is too heavy for a child to carry. Ans - The school bag is light enough fo a child to carry.

Use 'Going to'
* Use going to after am/is/are/ + going to = shall/will
* I shall write a letter. Ans - I am going to write a letter.
* वर्तमान काळामध्ये अतिशय जवळचा भविष्यकाळ दाखविण्यासाठी going to चा वापर करतात.
* They will swim in the river. - They are going to swim in the river.

Use ' Prefer to '
* I like milk better than tea. Ans - I prefer milk to tea.
* like - better than काढून prefer to चा वापर करतात.
* like काढून prefer a better than काढून to घ्यावे.

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