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Synthesis 2

Synthesis 2 
Use 'Unless and If'  
* If you do not take core of your health, you will fall ill.  Ans - Unless you take care of your health, you will fall ill.
* If - not काढून unless घ्यावे.
* Unless - if - not = otherwise = ourless
* not काढताना do चा अपोआप लोप होतो. कारण येथे वाक्य नकारार्थी करणे एवढेच त्याचे आहे.
* If raju does not work hard, he will not pass the examination. Ans - Unless raju works hard, he will not pass the examination. If does not - Unless works.

Not only - but also 
* The players will tired. They were thirsty, too.  Ans - The players were not only tired but also thirsty.

Nither - nor
* The old women was not a thief she was not a lair. Ans - The old women was nither a thief nor a lair.
* Not च्या जागी nither वापरले. समान भाग करून पहिला भाग घेताना, दोन्ही वस्तूपैकी ही पण नाही ती पण नाही.
* She did not scream. she did not fight with them. Ans - She nither screamed nor fought with them.

Either - or 
* Seeta will meet yasmeen, leela will meet yasmin. Ans - Either seeta nor leela meet yasmin.
* Dhondiba loves plants. He loves trees. Ans - Dhondiba loves either plants or trees.

Affirmative negative 
* Not, no, none, nothing, never, nor, nither, nor, nobody, no one, nither, no sooner than.
* I have never succeded. Ans - I have always succeded.
* It is not true.  Ans - He is false.

Negative sentence
* Shivaji was cruel.  Ans - Shivaji wasn't cruel.
* Thats different. Ans - Thats not the same.
* It was unjust.  Ans - It was not just.

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