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Sentence and its parts

Sentence and its parts 
* Word - क्रमबद्ध अर्थपूर्ण अक्षराच्या समूहाला शब्द असे म्हणतात. e.g cow, dog,
* Phrase - काहीतरी अर्थ असलेल्या परंतु अबोध न करणाऱ्या शब्दाच्या समूहास वाक्यांश असे म्हणतात.
e.g - The childeren are swimming in the river.

Kinds of phrase
* Noun phrase - Rajesh knew when to get up.
* Adjective phrase - Do you see the girl selling baskets?
* Advarb phrase - The elephant walks very slowly.
* Verb phrase - They may hav been working since morning.
* Preposition phrase - The children were swimming in the river.

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